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Philly Co-Working
Philadelphians are known for having their own way of doing things. They put jimmies (not sprinkles) on their ice cream, they see the Wawa as a sacred site of cultural and religious importance, they’ll leave a party if there isn’t any Yuengling, and if given a chance, they will boo Santa Claus. The city of Brotherly Love is a town with a whole lot of pride (well before the Eagles finally won the Super Bowl), but beyond the cheesesteaks and the Rocky Steps (and yes, the Liberty Bell) you’ll also find one of the most vibrant big cities in America, full of universities, big business, and all types of Philly folks working to make it big or get Schuylkilled trying.

Just like in cities across America, more and more people in Philadelphia are taking to a local co-working spot to get some work done.
What Are My options?
WeWork is the biggest name in the co-working industry, and Philadelphia is no exception.
The Philly WeWork locations feature the same outstanding amenities and flexible pricing options as in cities across the world. You can either rent your own dedicated desk or sign up for a “hot desk,” and be guaranteed a spot to work in whenever you come in. If you need more space—for a startup or small team that needs its own private space—you can also rent out a private office.
There are currently 4 WeWork locations, mainly located in the city center. All are well-connected to public transportation with tons of places to eat and drink within walking distance.
Before co-working became a major nationwide trend, Regus was operating locations in cities across the country. The company runs dozens of co-working locations in the Philadelphia area, running all the way from Newark up north to Allentown.
Another co-working option is Industrious, which operates locations in more than a dozen cities across the US, including 2 co-working locations in Philadelphia.
What Are the Prices Like?
When it comes to WeWork, the prices are pretty consistent among the 4 Philadelphia co-working locations. At the 2 market street locations and at the Walnut Street branch, you can rent a dedicated desk for $450 per month, or a hot desk for $350 per month, while at the Northern Liberties location, the prices are $425 and $300, respectively.
At the 4 locations, the price for renting a private office ranges from $600 to $720 per person per month.
For Regus, the prices vary by location, with a desk at the Mt. Laurel location running from $8.20 to $11.30 per day while at the Philadelphia Market east co-working spot you can pay $13.50 to $18.50 per day.
When it comes to Industrious, you can rent a desk at the 230 Broad Street location for $405 per month, or private offices starting at $792 for one person, to $2606 for 5 people.
What Does My Co-Working Space Provide?
It might be the Hummers parade outside out on the street, the Philly Phanatic could be practicing a drum solo on the closest street corner, and there could be a rainstorm coming in from the east, but inside your Philadelphia co-working location you’ll still have all the serenity and comfort you need.
You’ll have tons of open space well-designed with an eye towards aesthetics and keeping your creative juices flowing. You can also fill up on fresh coffee and cool refreshments—but you may need to bring your own Tastykakes.
These offices are also usually designed with a real eye towards inspiration, and staff works hard to make sure you’re feeling comfortable.
Here are some other amenities you should be able to find at most co-working spaces:
  • Unique, captivating artwork
  • Super-fast internet
  • Spacious, unique common areas
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Key Card access 24/7
  • Security
  • Discounts for local businesses
  • Business-class printers
  • Free drinks (including fruit water and fresh, micro-roasted coffee)
  • Private phone booths so you can take that call in peace
  • Onsite staff to help you out
  • Professional and social events—network and chill™
So...Where Are We Co-working?
Philly is a great American city and really, they probably couldn’t care either way if you agree. If you’re in the city and looking for your own place to get your ideas on paper, check out a co-working place in Philadelphia.
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