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London Co-Working
One of the world’s great cities, London is a world leader in finance, fashion, culture, media, and tourism. The city is also home to more co-working spaces than most cities in the world, and it should be a breeze to find a spot of your own.
What Are My options?
WeWork is one of the biggest names in the co-working industry, and currently runs 38 co-working spaces in London, from the City of London to Hammersmith to London Fields. At most London WeWork locations you can either opt for a shared “hot desk” or your own dedicated desk, or even opt for an entire private office.
Spaces operates nearly a dozen co-working offices in London, mainly in the city center but there are others further afield, such as the locations in Teddington and Uxbridge.
There are also dozens of co-working locations across the London area with Regus, one of the oldest names in the co-working business.
No matter where you set up in London, your co-working spot will probably be near a tube stop or will be accessible by bus. You should probably also have some nice pubs and eateries within walking distance, which can really come in handy when you need a break after the day’s done.
What Are the Prices Like?
London might not be the kindest city on your pocketbook, but when it comes to a co-working space, it all depends on what you're looking for.
At WeWork London, you can get a hot desk starting at £450, and private offices starting at just £850 per person, per month. At Spaces, the prices are a bit more varied, as are the offerings. For instance, at the Oxford Street co-working location you can get virtual office services as well as meeting rooms starting at £11.95 per person for a half day. A number of locations also offer dedicated or shared desk space for rent.
With Regus the prices can range from as little as £4 per person, per day out in the suburbs, up to £22 and up per person on Oxford Circus.
Location is key.
What Does My Co-Working Space Provide?
First you get shelter from that lovely London weather inside a co-working space, where it's always the right temperature. At your London co-working space you’ll also have access to refreshments and snacks, as well as comfortable furniture and rooms that were designed to be inspiring and welcoming.
You’ll also find all or most of the following amenities, no matter where your co-working space is:
  • Unique, captivating artwork
  • Super-fast internet
  • Spacious, unique common areas
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Key Card access 24/7
  • Security
  • Discounts for local businesses
  • Business-class printers
  • Free drinks (including fruit water and fresh, micro-roasted coffee)
  • Private phone booths so you can take that call in peace
  • Onsite staff to help you out
  • Professional and social events—network and chill™
So...Where Are We Co-working?
London is a global leader in so many fields that it’s hard to even keep count. For centuries it has been a place to set out to make your mark in the world, and with a co-working space in London, you can get that spot you need to make it happen.
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