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Dallas Co-Working
Big D is the spot for big dreams—and the people who make them happen. The city is a sprawling, vibrant, diverse metroplex that attracts people from across the world who are looking to make it big in everything from hi-tech and finance, to real estate, fashion, and of course, oil. The metroplex is also home to more than a few co-working spots where you can plant your flag and start figuring out how you’ll put your brand on DFW.
What Are My options?
Up in Dallas-Fort Worth you can’t go wrong with WeWork, which runs 5 locations across the metroplex. This includes an uptown spot on McKinney to the Thanksgiving Tower on Elm Street, out to Clearfork in Fort Worth.
At each WeWork location in Dallas, you can either rent a dedicated desk, or a shared location within the building. And if you’re looking to get a business going, you can also rent out a private office in most of the WeWork Dallas locations. The best part is that it's easy to customize according to your needs.
If you go with Industrious, you can get hooked up with a spot at the Plano location, or a second location downtown. At both, you can get a co-working shared spot, or a private office.
You can also check out the location run by Spaces in the heart of the arts district on McKinney Avenue, which offers meeting rooms, offices, and reserved desks.
You have dozens of options if you go with Regus, one of the more established names in the co-working industry. It goes further afield than almost anyone, with spaces for rent all the way down in Cedar Hill and up as far north as Frisco.
What Are the Prices Like?
Co-working spaces in Dallas are not set up as a one-size-fits-all sort of thing. What you pay has a great deal to do with what you’re asking for, as well as the location.
Take for example WeWork. If you get a hot desk at the Uptown or Legacy West locations, you’ll be charged $350 per month, while that same desk at the Clearfork and Thanksgiving Tower, spots will cost $250. The same goes for a private office, which will cost you $730 per person at the Clearfork location, compared to $600 per person at the Thanksgiving Tower location.
If you’re checking out Industrious, at the Plano location you can rent out a co-working space for $430 per month, while at the downtown spot it will cost you $522 per month. And if you want a private office, it’ll run you $780 and $833 per person, per month, respectively.
For Regus, there is also a wide range of prices. These range from just $9.40-$13.00 per person, per month, to $18.40-$25.20 at the Plano Shops at Legacy location.
At Spaces, you can rent offices starting at $650 per person, per month, a work space for $250 per month, or a dedicated desk for $375, among other options.
These costs don’t tell the whole story though, and there are a few things to keep in mind. At the top of the list would be that infamous DFW traffic, so when you’re searching for a co-working space in Dallas, location can make more of a difference than a few dollars here or there. Look past the bottom line at the amenities and the location, to find the spot that is the perfect fit for you.
What Does My Co-Working Space Provide?
That Dallas sun, the gridlock and the hustle and bustle can be a distant memory once you step inside your co-working space. The cool AC, chilled, delicious refreshments and stunning decor, will put you in a whole different headspace in an instant.
Step into a co-working space in Dallas and it can feel like you’ve just walked into the apartment you wish you had, the perfectly designed, cool-but-professional surroundings that you’ve always wanted to access. And with warp speed WiFi, freshly brewed coffee, and private phone booths, you’ve got more than enough to bring you back for more.
You’ve got options, but wherever you choose as your co-working space in Dallas-Fort Worth, you will most likely have all or most of the following amenities on hand:
  • Unique, captivating artwork
  • Super-fast internet
  • Spacious, unique common areas
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Key Card access 24/7
  • Security
  • Discounts for local businesses
  • Business-class printers
  • Free drinks (including fruit water and fresh, micro-roasted coffee)
  • Private phone booths so you can take that call in peace
  • Onsite staff to help you out
  • Professional and social events—network and chill™
So...Where Are We Co-working?
Sometimes the Metroplex can seem like an endless sprawl and you just need to come up for air. All across Dallas-Fort Worth you can find co-working spaces that help you get into the right mindspace and get your ambitions that much further down the road.
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