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Chicago Co-Working
The Windy City has for generations been a place where people chase dreams, pound pavement, and build skyscrapers that block out the sky. If you’re looking to find your own little corner of Chi-Town that you can call your own and get some work done, consider trying one of the many co-working spaces the city has to offer.
What Are My options?
WeWork is one of the biggest co-working companies today, and offers 8 co-working locations in Chicago. All 8 Chicago WeWork locations are clustered within the city center and the west loop, are easily reached by way of the L, and usually have some parking close by as well.
With Industrious you can set up shop at 3 different coworking spaces in Chicago, including 2 in downtown and 1 up in Evanston.
Spaces is another new up and comer that’s popping up in cities across the world, and currently operates 2 co-working locations in Chicago. The locations in Fulton Market and Lincoln Park are perfectly situated in the heart of the business district.
What Are the Prices Like?
Prices are not standard for co-working spaces in Chicago, and there tends to be some variation based on location, though not always.
With WeWork in Chicago, the prices are pretty standard for a shared office space or dedicated space, even if you’re a little further out of the city center. The prices range from $350 per month for a shared desk at the State Street location, to $430 for a shared desk at the Fulton Market location. A dedicated desk at the River North location cost $450 per month, while at the location on Kinzie street, it’ll cost you $520 per month. For private offices, the prices range from $700-$750 per person, per month.
With Industrious you have a slight fluctuation in prices depending on which branch you choose to work at and what you need. If you decide to work in Evanston, a desk in a shared space will cost you at least $405, and an office starts at $662 for one person, up to $2,592 per month for 5 people. At the Fulton market location, a desk rental starts at $383 and offices start at $842 per month for 1 person, while at the River North co-working location, the prices are $392 and $878 respectively.
The bottom line is that there can be a fairly wide range of prices for co-working space in Chicago but this shouldn't be your only consideration. Also make sure that the place you want to use is convenient to get to, and that the amenities you’re looking for are included.
What Does My Co-Working Space Provide?
One of the top draws about co-working spaces is that they’re just so….welcoming. They make you want to pop open your laptop, pour a cup of coffee and get your creative juices flowing. It’s partly the interior design, drinks and amenities, but also being surrounded by like-minded people who are looking to get some work done. This also means that you should easily be able to schedule meetings at the co-working space or nearby, and that if you want to take a midday break or knock off early for happy hour, there’s no shortage of places to grab a bite or a cold one.
Co-working spaces across the world are designed with this sort of aesthetic in mind, and they’re often located in the hottest part of the city, so you can be in the middle of it all, which can be a big motivator and help get in a more ambitious mindset.
When it comes to the features checklist, you can usually count on any co-working place in Chicago having most of the following amenities:
  • Unique, captivating artwork
  • Super-fast internet
  • Spacious, unique common areas
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Key Card access 24/7
  • Security
  • Discounts for local businesses
  • Business-class printers
  • Free drinks (including fruit water and fresh, micro-roasted coffee)
  • Private phone booths so you can take that call in peace
  • Onsite staff to help you out
  • Professional and social events—network and chill™
So...Where Are We Co-working?
Chicago may be a massive city, but there’s no reason you can’t reserve a little spot that can be your office and a home away from home. Co-working spots abound in the Windy City, and it’s never been easier to find your own place to focus and flourish.
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