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Regus Spaces Midtown East at 715 Peachtree
Regus Spaces Midtown East at 715 Peachtree
715 Peachtree Street N.E., Suite 100 & 200, Atlanta, Georgia 30308, USA

Take your business to the next level with Midtown East creative workspace in the heart of Atlanta’s “Midtown Mile”. Collaborate with like-minded innovators in this engaging, exclusive work environment designed to accelerate your business. Outside of the renowned Technology Square, Spaces establishes you in Midtown’s vibrant, up-and-coming tech hub among a unique mix of businesses and scenic historical culture.

A part of Atlanta’s dynamic arts district, Spaces is across the street from one of the city’s most famous landmarks, the award-winning Fox Theatre. With the North Avenue MARTA rail station two blocks away, you can ride or walk along Peachtree, taste the eclectic menus at sidewalk cafes and enjoy Midtown Atlanta’s energizing ambiance.

  • Build relationships at networking and client appreciation events
  • Work confidently in shared coworking space or private office space
  • Stay fit at LA Fitness Gym less than one mile away
  • Enjoy upscale accommodations at Hotel Indigo and The Georgian Terrace one block over
  • Catch a flight at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport 20 minutes away


What will it cost?
Virtual Office
from $109/mo
Office Space
from $460/mo
Building Amenities
Cleaning Services
High Speed Internet
Onsite Staff
Phone Booths
Micro Roasted Coffee
Conference Rooms
Google Reviews
Parliament Pictures
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4 months ago
So basically this brand has grown from shady business practices from what I can tell. I started with a 2/4 month contract deal with them. As soon as I did, I never got a bill for the amount I originally signed for. $600 or so per month. My first bill was like $1,800 or so. They claimed that I never paid my first month. Might I add you’re required to pay your first and last month to even receive a key to your office space. But when I got my first bill they claimed that I never paid the first months fee... in addition I had to pay my next months charge. So I bit the bullet and paid almost $2,000 to settle the debt. Ok let’s fast forward through months and months of irregular charges. I decided to leave this business after going a few months on a month to month agreement. One stipulation is once you leave without notice you loose your deposit. The first and last month. Which is more than fair!! They’re running a business and I get that. But after expecting to only be liable for the first and last months rent. Tell me why their lawyer contacts me and tells me I owe them $9,000!!! So now we might possibly have to settle this issue in court. From the way that it looks to me. This brand grows there business by stepping on the little guy and demanding money from shady contracts. I think their contracts auto renew. So I think they’re trying to charge me for a auto renewing contract after I had already left, mailed in my keys, and cleared out my office. Be very careful with this shady company. Worst experience of my life. Go with We Work, Industrious, or someone like that. RUN, RUN, RUN!!!!! FROM THIS BUSINESS!!!!!
Guy White
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2 months ago
Cool place for meetings
Zhuojun Fu
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11 months ago
Modern co-working spaces. Close to Fox Theater in the Midtown area.
Scorpio Media Group, LLC
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a year ago
Great location and very trendy environment. Awesome place for StartUP Entrepreneurs
Kelly Storm
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a year ago
I've worked in offices, built offices, rented offices, owned offices, slept most my 20s in offices. I hate offices. These guys, however, have created a space (har har) where everything either works for or around you. It's rather brilliant... the thought and planning behind even their open areas is obvious and very much appreciated. I'm happy to provide my soldiers the types of personal offices Spaces provides on the higher floors, and am surprised to find myself comfortable in the collaborative environments that, simply by taking a head count, should feel crowded...yet they never do. Niches and "go away" areas are woven seamlessly in and around those open areas, and honestly, as a huge nerd with the expected (read: unnecessary) amount of tech on my person and gear in my bags, I need outlets and USB ports are everywhere, and for the internet connection to be consistent and reliable at all times. Wherever I go, one of these things is lacking, but not here. I've never even had to so much as sit down, look around, then get up and move somewhere closer to an outlet or port, or where the wireless connection was stronger. The place is designed for everyone, as well as for someone, without either suffering or compromise between these realms diluting the overall experience for everyone. ul/dl for ethernet as well as wireless is surprisingly high, even when the network should clearly be saturated and showing a bit of latency while it manages significantly large numbers of people and devices. Either Spaces understands the importance of redundency and having multiple connections so failure or delay in one connection can be accounted for and balanced out by the others, have experts ensuring their routers and local network are all balanced and consistently provisioning and QoSed up properly, or pay top dollar in order to provide pure, unadulterated access to a fiber connection whilst sitting atop a node. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if it were all those things. Funny, now that I think about it, I'm laughing at myself now because I don't think I've ever seen a single cabinet or even evidence of rack space existing somewhere behind the scenes, and I've been going in and out of that building for months now... Anywho, apologies for the novel, but if you're curious about the space, simply drop by and walk in, even after typical/expected close of business around 6 p.m. or so, you're likely to still find someone at the front desk, or one of the managers walking around using the very space themselves. They've been nothing but kind, courteous, thoughtful, incredibly helpful, and at the ready ever since our very first conversation. I greatly appreciate their vigilance, and while still hating offices, admire how this place and these people are kindly, quietly, and slowly over time, helping me enjoy the concept of an office again. To them, I'm just a nobody, just another grown up kid, just another face in the crowd...and I deeply appreciate that as well. Such a well planned and thoughtful implementation of such a seemingly simple, yet incredibly nuanced, idea - space to work, with others if you want or must, where everything just works, with nothing but your own things to do and work to focus on in front of you.
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