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From Times Square in New York to the Embarcadero in San Francisco, there are tons of co-working spaces in your area. Whether you’re working on a new app, planning a wedding, or even writing the great American novel, there is a workspace for you.
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Are you launching a start-up or coding an app that will be the next Instagram? Even if you just need some peace and quiet from your roommate and the neighbors upstairs, a co-working space can give you the focus and serenity you need to put your ideas into action. Co-working spaces have changed the way we work and create - come see how.
6 Must-Have Amenities You Need at Your Co-working Space
Co-working spaces are spreading like wildfire in almost every metropolitan city around the world. It's a tribute to the increase in the gig economy, which according to Intuit, is currently 34% of the workforce and predicted to be 43% by the year 2020.
How WeWork Events Can Boost Your Career Beyond the Expected
Flexible, fun, and vibrant co-working hubs where people can rent a desk, an office or a suite of office space are highly popular in cities across the world. Competition between co-working spaces is high and it’s a great opportunity for anyone looking for a place to work outside a traditional office space.
Advantages of Using a Co-working Space
Despite the advantages of being your own boss and however idyllic it might sound to work from home in your pajamas, starting your own business can be isolating and full of endless distractions. This is why an increasing number of entrepreneurs are now embracing the co-working space, where self-employed individuals come together and share a range of facilities. Co-working spaces have become extremely popular, with new spaces popping up worldwide.
6 Companies That Started In Co-working Spaces
When you think of some of the top companies today, you probably think of hundreds of employees, chic offices, and incredible swag. But did you know that some of the best known companies in the world started out in co-working spaces?
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The word on the street
Co-working spaces are popping up every day in cities across the world. Let these users tell you why it works for them.
Colin Hughes
Creative Director at Juxapo
Around 50%-60% of my clients are either WeWork members or referrals from WeWork members, so it has been an invaluable resource.
Adi Ezer
Customer Success Manager at Remarkety
Finding potential customers is really easy and since we're all a part of the same community there are no barriers and people respond very quickly and are happy to hear more.
David Perlman
Co-Founder and Manager at Iron Consulting & Staffing, LLC
Through the WeWork network I have brought in close to a dozen new clients in less than 2 months, a feat not possible without this resource.
David Goldstein
Creator of Opportunities at TeamBonding
I found my new Salesforce consultant through the WeWork member network and have easily found people to help in all aspects of my business.
Save $499 on your new desk
Find Your New Office
* Valid for select WeWork locations